The world’s oldest multiplication table?

A remarkable discovery was made by scientists from Beijing Tsinghua University – in a bazaar in Hong Kong, they accidentally found bamboo sticks, on which there is a multiplication table written around 305 BC. however, this is not a tablet that you could find printed on the back of the notebook!

The set of more than 65 ancient cultural texts, written in ink on pressed bamboo sticks, also included instructions on mathematical tasks, including a multiplication table. With it, it is possible to multiply any number from 1 to 9 and subsequent tens from 10 to 90. The multiplication table also contains fractional numbers-we can use it to multiply any integer or its half in the range 0.5-99.5. Chinese mathematicians from antiquity managed to create in principle a small bamboo calculator!

However, this is not the only Chinese achievement of number science: the multiplication table is just the beginning of a long list of discoveries. As early as the 11th century BC, Chinese mathematicians mastered decimal fractions, negative numbers, the binary system, and even trigonometry and flat geometry. No wonder, then, that as early as three hundred years before Christ they were able to produce such modern scientific aids as the bamboo multiplication table!

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